Changeland Salt Cave inside a Hotel at Pozar, Pella, Greece

As from 17/3/2010, an artificial Salt Cave is included in the complex of the 16 natural caves of Kaimaktsalan mountain, 95 klm. North-west of Thessaloniki and 13 klm. from Aridea of Pella, the homeland of Philip and Alexander the Great.

Place and time of installation of the Salt Cave: The salt cave is located inside the SPA of Pozar Pallas hotel ( It is 20 sq.m., it has a capacity of 4 persons and the installation was completed in 12 days. In the past, the room was used for the provision of face spa, feet spa and hand care services. The installation was successfully completed in 12 days (much earlier than the agreed schedule) and without disturbing the normal operation of the Hotel and SPA.

Click here to see a video of the hotel (for the salt cave go to minute 07:30).

Salt Cave Model & Configuration: Changeland Light (45΄minutes of stay equal to 3 days of exposure at the sea aura). The salt cave has three natural ionizers and humidifiers (1 waterfall and 2 salines), inter-floor heating and special installation of healing Light-Therapy.

Quality of services of Changeland: The client was fully satisfied, both from the quality of the construction of the Salt Cave and from the training services offered by Changeland.

The owners of Pozar Palllas hotel took delivery of the salt cave, after they were trained, as regards its use, by Changeland. If you wish to receive more information please Contact Us.

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