Changeland Salt Cave in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

On February 19th 2013, Changeland completed the installation and delivered to the owner company (Abha Hotel Palaces Group) a beautiful healing & relaxing Salt Cave in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For a virtual tour inside the salt cave please click Salt cave Virtual Tours.

Salt Cave Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2

Salt Cave Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2

The Salt Cave offers Wellness, Health and Entertainment services to the citizens of Jeddah and the residents of the Hotel.

Equipment: The salt cave in Jeddah has two natural generators of salt micro elements (1 waterfall, 1 salina), inter-floor heating of special standards, Music Therapy and a Light-Therapy device.


Salt Cave Jeddah Saudi Arabia – Entrance 2

Place and duration of installation: The Salt Cave was installed inside a Hotel of the ABHA HOTEL PALACES GROUP (address: Qurish str., between Madina Av. and Sultan Av.). The room where the salt cave is installed has an extent of 45 sq.m. The installation was completed successfully in 18 days.


Salt Cave Jeddah Saudi Arabia 10

Salt Cave Model: The Customer required the strongest possible Microclimate inside their Salt cave. Therefore, they selected a Salt Cave model Changeland. As a result, 45΄ minutes of stay inside this Salt cave equal to 4 days of continuous exposure at the clean sea aura. This particular Salt Cave model is very popular with customers who fall in the categories: (a) “Hotels & Resorts” and (b) “Sport Teams & Clubs”. In this salt cave it is possible to also deliver 30 minute sessions (equal to 3 days of continuous exposure at the clean sea aura).


Salt Cave Jeddah Saudi Arabia – Salina Natural Halo Generator 1

Capacity of Salt cave. Due to the shape of the original room and the column close to one of the walls, we implemented innovative design and installation methods which created additional space inside the salt cave to host 14 persons for individual sessions and 28 people for group services.


Salt Cave Jeddah Saudi Arabia 13

The Owners took delivery of the salt cave, after they were trained in its operation and management by Changeland’s consultants. In the inaguration of the new Salt Cave were present the Prince AL Shiekh Husein Ahmed Mohammed Al Mardma (left), Mr Ahmed Mansour Mardhamh, Owner of the Abha Hotel Palaces (right) and Dr. Basilis Masoulas, President of Changeland (center).


Dr B.Masoulas – Prince Hussein Al Mardina – Mr Ahmed Mansour 2

Quality of services of Changeland: The client was fully satisfied from the Quality of the Salt Cave and the training and advisory services. Attached is the Minutes of Delivery of the salt cave including Customer Feedback on Changeland’s services.

We wish them to “Put Salt in People’s Life” at their Hotel and not only!

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