Changeland Salt Cave inside Clinic

In October 2011, Changeland completed the transfer and installation of the Athens Salt Cave from Syntagma sq. to the Ellinikon suburb, and delivered it to its new owners. The beautiful healing & relaxing Salt Cave is now located at Platonos 1A str. and Iasonidou av., inside a Clinic (PHYSIO LAB PHYSIOTHERAPY EXPERTS).

For a virtual tour inside the salt cave please click Salt cave Virtual Tours.

The salt cave offers Health and Wellness services to the patients of the Physiotherapy Clinic, and complements the other health and rehabilitation facilities (Low Oxygen or Altitude Room, Cryo Sauna, Rehabilitation Rooms for adults and children).

Equipment: The Changeland salt Cave has two natural halo generators (1 waterfall, 1 salina), inter-floor heating of special standards, Music therapy and special Light-Therapy device.

Place and duration of installation: The salt cave was originally installed in the Center of Athens and operated successfully for 4 years. Due to the intense demonstrations and riots, customers could not access the cave, which had to be moved elsewhere. The cave was carefully dismantled and transferred to Ellinikon suburb, lifted to the 1st floor of the building and re-assembled inside the Rehabilitation Clinic. The room where the salt cave is installed is 48 sq.m. (same as the original location in Athens, but different shape). The installation was completed successfully in 24 days. Despite the specially strict regulations applicable in Rehabilitation Clinics and Physiotherapy Centers, Changeland passed successfully ALL inspections.

Salt Cave Model: The Customers wanted the strongest possible Micro climate inside their Salt cave. Therefore, they selected a salt cave Model Changeland with an additional Halo Generator with liquid halo. As a result, 45΄ minutes of stay inside the Salt cave equal to 4,5 days of continuous exposure at the clean sea aura. In this salt cave it is possible to also deliver 30 minute sessions (equal to 3.5 days of continuous exposure at the clean sea aura).

Capacity of Salt cave: Because of the Curved walls and the overall shape of the original room, the salt cave in Ellinikon has a capacity of 13 persons for individual sessions and 27 people for group services. Due to its medical focus, the Owners offer Salt Cave Massage inside the salt cave.

The Customers (one of the Top Rehabilitation Experts in Europe and his wife (specialized in Rehabilitation of Children), took delivery of their salt cave, after they were trained in its operation and use by Changeland.

Quality of services of Changeland: The Customers were fully satisfied from the quality of the Salt Cave and the training and Advisory services. Attached is the Minutes of Delivery of the salt cave including Customer opinion on Changeland’s services.

We wish them to “Put Salt in People’s Life”!