Walls with different colors of salt. Sculptures made of Polish mineral salt. Lamps made from rough rock Pakistani salt. Paintings and artifacts that are made from mineral salt.

Crystals of salt from the salt mines of Poland are not contaminated by environmental pollution. They contain the highest mineral content of salt by 84 of the most nutritious microelements for humans.
When extracted, the crystals formed by skilled craftsmen using ancient technique, taught by their ancestors to produce works of outstanding natural beauty.

We provide a natural protective shield that improves your health and wellbeing, its proven that it helps in a variety of physiological, mental, asthma diseases and allergic conditions.

Each lamp and sculpture is unique and astonishing, given its unique color and shape. When lit salt lamps operate like natural ionizer releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, offsetting and eliminating the accumulation of positive ions generated by modern materials and devices (eg computer, TV, air conditioners) as well as smoking.