Deneyim Içinde tuz magarasi Changeland

Close your eyes. Dream of the ideal relaxation environment – a special place, a valuable cave, offering unique experiences, based on salt-therapy! Welcome to the Changeland “Rejuvenating Salt-Cave”.

The energetic properties of salt therapy are known since the old times and are widespread in countries, such as Poland, Germany, Russia, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, USA, etc. Staying in the specially shaped areas -salt caves- is the most effective way to benefit from such properties. The Saltcave Changeland is a “Rejuvenating and Healing Cave” and since its first opening it makes many friends of all ages. Its secret is simple; the air is enriched with microelements of salt (sea iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, etc). These microelements are absorbed by the human organism in a natural way through respiration and pores.

The result? Body relaxation and rehabilitation. Body and mind are in perfect balance and you feel relaxed, well and rejuvenated.

Feel better than ever!

Enjoy the trip – Get to know the absolute relaxation experience with mineral salt from Pakistan and from Poland and sea salt from the Dead Sea. The Salt Cave Changeland offers its really valuable and rare properties only in 45 minutes, which equal to 3 days of exposure to the sea aura.

One visit lasting 3 quarters of an hour is enough to make you feel a different person, as if you were re-born. The process is simple. You keep your clothes on, you take only your shoes off and you enjoy all the positive effects of such a unique experience, walking on the heated floor covered with salt, listening to the sound of the gurgling water from the waterfall, seeing the great lighting in that natural area where the senses are relaxed. Lights and music are slowly turned down. The colors, the sense, the sound of the waters of the decorative waterfalls and the healthy & cool air (18o – 24o) will offer you wellness and rejuvenation. Power to the body and mind!

Share the experience – Inside the “Rejuvenating Cave” you have the opportunity to relax with your beloved persons! Make an appointment for “group therapy” with your friends! Arrange a business meeting or a presentation. Practice yoga, Pilates, stretching, breathing exercises (for pregnant), organize a kid’s party! Young friends of Changeland shall enjoy this unique experience playing and listening to fairytales and songs! Please bear in mind that special care is taken to ensure separate sessions for younger visitors who should always be accompanied by a relative.

Visit Changeland Salt Cave closest to you – it is open throughout the week. For your better service, an appointment is required for a session. You may enjoy, share and experience the miracle of salt therapy every day!