Welcome to Changeland’s salt cave franchising website.

We have been installing and operating our top quality salt caves in many countries, in hospitals, hotels, houses, sport centers, shopping malls, office buildings, ski centers, shopping centers, etc.

All our acquired experience qualifies us as top experts in the Salt Way to Feel Good through Halo therapy in Changeland Salt caves.

They are considered to be the next generation of SPA facilities due to the fact that in addition to wellness, they

  • significantly contribute to rejuvenation, prevention of several illnesses and strengthen the immune system
  • are fully compatible with today’s fast pace of living of people with limited time availability
  • are easily accessible to people of all ages
  • they do not require maintenance, nor special health permits
  • offer scientifically proven benefits to our health

In this site you can learn about :

  • Salt caves , their healing attributes, the technology we use and corresponding references
  • Our Products (3 models & 2 uses) and Services to Customers and Partners
  • Our Values (Health, Safety & Environment)
  • See a Gallery of photos of our projects and read the feedback from our Customers.
  • Contact us to place your requests for proposals and/or give us your feedback

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.

Dr. Basilis Masoulas

President & CEO

Changeland Group

Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the “Land of Change”!

In Changeland, we offer services and products that contribute to the Growth of
· each Individual at personal level
· our Urban environment (City)
· our Educational environment (school, university) and
· our Professional environment (company).

In Changeland we have created & structured a modern and dynamic environment, where Growth is achieved through a Human centric approach and philosophy.

Changeland Logo symbolizes:
· our Earth and its caves where we Humans find shelter, relax, share experience & ideas, learn and grow
· the Changeland Salt caves of our company, where we can relax, rejuvenate
· the evolving process of Knowledge Creation through continuous human interaction and Change (changeland model) with the objective to improve ourselves & our environment (urban, academic and professional)

Let’s put Salt in Our Life! Together.

Kind regards,
Dr. Basilis Masoulas
Changeland Group

Oportunidades de empleo en Changeland

Representante de Ventas – Código de trabajo: CH-SSR

El Representante de Ventas tiene la obligación de presentar nuestros productos y servicios en su región. El candidato ideal debe tener:

  • Fuerte capacidad de comunicación
  • Experiencia diversificada en por los menos dos de los siguientes sectores:, Salud y Bienestar, Turismo, Construcción, Deportes
  • Excelente conocimiento y red de contactos relevantes en el área de su atención
  • Capacidad para desarrollar y liderar un equipo de independientes consultores de ventas.

Favor de enviar su CV con un breve adjunto a la siguiente manager@changeland.com

Consultores independientes de Ventas – Código de trabajo: CH-FSC

Changeland ofrece la oportunidad a Profesionistas utilizar sus contactos personales y profesionales para generar un ingreso extra para ellos. Habrá una comisión de venta muy atractivo. Usted será entrenado y equipado con el conocimiento de nuestra compañía y material promocional.

Una vez que se pre-selecciona – se le enviará a un contrato, los detalles de nuestros productos y servicios y todo el material de marketing. Abierto para todos los profesionales de ventas calificados, los Ejecutivos de Ventas, los Ingenieros Civiles, Arquitectos y Diseñadores de Interior que desean generar un ingreso extra con la creación de nuevas ventas potenciales para nosotros. Es una industria multimillonaria y con un poco de esfuerzo puede ganar hasta 20.000 por mes y aún más – El cielo es el límite.

Favor de enviar su CV con un breve adjunto a la siguiente manager@changeland.com

Business Principles

We and our partners give great emphasis in the following section:

  • Respect for People and Environment
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Confidence
  • Transcendental Goals
  • Human-organization
  • Speed ​​and Continuous Improvement
  • Exclusive use of natural materials
  • Technical integrity & Legal compatibility