Salt Cave Shop – top franchise opportunity

Open a Changeland Salt Cave Shop and become a landmark and tourist attraction within your City. Changeland offers to you a top franchise opportunity, a simple turnkey solution to get you started in less than 8 weeks with:

  • Initial Investment at 30000 euro
  • Zero royalties
  • No complicated approvals or licenses
  • Very low Operational cost
  • No need for specialized personnel
  • Zero maintenance
  • Extensive Training, Manuals and Support
  • Complete Marketing and Branding Kit
  • Surprising return on investment!

We have been requested to present the Franchise Changeland Salt Cave on Discovery Channel, CNN and 34 Regional News Networks in different parts of the world (in the Franchise segment “Unique Concepts and Opportunities”).

It’s a Unique Opportunity to participate in a simple but very rewarding business – rewarding physically, mentally and financially! If you wish to learn more, in this section you can :

  • Find out about the Changeland Salt Cave Services and How you can become a Changeland Franchisee.
  • Read the feedback from our Customers.
  • Review the answers to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Postanite franšize

  1. If you are interested on MySaltcave (private cave at home or office), or know the Salt cave size, model and equipment you need, please fill in the information in Contact Us section. We will respond soonest.
  2. If you are interested in running a Salt cave business (franchise), we will start from deciding on:

the target market – Individuals? Groups? Companies? Customers of Travel Agents / Hotels / Ski Centers / Shopping Malls? Your Customers from other business(es)? the saltcave services – only to individuals? Or also to groups (e.g. saltcave yoga, group therapy, etc.) see for services here the location – e.g. if installed in ground floor with easy access from street, you will be able to have a client stream even from people who never go to a spa.

Based on the above we will :

evaluate alternatives and determine together the cave size you will need Changeland will prepare for you a proposal (with alternatives), which we will discuss and adapt to fit your exact needs.

once we agree and sign the contract then we’ll need max 2 months to prepare, install and deliver the salt cave and business (turn-key) to you(!), including all marketing, advertizing material, manuals, training, etc

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us.


pdf Changeland’s Franchise system description