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  • Salt Cave is not a SPA

How can Changeland contribute to your success?


  • differentiation from competition
  • increase profit, per capita spend and customer satisfaction
  • attract special audiences (different nationalities, golden age, family tourism, sports enthusiasts, health tourism, etc.)
  • salt cave has zero operational costs, requires zero maintenance and is installed 1-2 weeks
  • customers can use the salt cave throughout year and all day long
  • install in any room, even rooms that can not be used for any other purpose
  • salt cave has low installation cost and fast Retun on Investment
  • salt cave can also be used as a multipurpose room for conferences, wellness, fitness, children services and in combination with other hotel services
  • offer affordable luxury to your customers by installing a salt sauna in specific rooms
  • apply latest trends of space architecture in the rooms with spectacular salt mosaics (absorb humidity & electromagnetic radiation)

Changeland’s offers to Hotels and Resort:

Virtual Tour – Explore the Changeland Salt Cave inside a Hotel.


Changeland Professional Salt Cave


Changeland Salt Sauna


Changeland Salt Decoration

Our Salt Mosaics and Salt Sculptures are beautiful, unique, offer salt therapy and absorb more than 95% of the hazardous electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, mobile phones, TV (click to read the scientific reports).

Ιαματικοί Πίνακες | Μωσαϊκά
Ιαματικοί Πίνακες | Μωσαϊκά

Healing Benefits.

Changeland Salt Products offer proven relief from:

  • Health Prevention
  • Anti Aging
  • Respiratory problems, Neurological & Dermatological problems, Cardiac system
  • Stress, insomnia, allergies
  • Hypothyroidism, Gastric system
  • Prevention of viral infections, musculoskeletal problems
  • Metabolism disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, pains

For Athletes & Active people

  • increase respiratory capacity
  • improve flexibility
  • strengthening of the immune system (natural shield against the flue)
  • faster recovery after workout & from injuries

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Who visits the Salt Caves?

  • People of ALL ages
  • Tourists, Athletes
  • Children, Elderly
  • Companies

Scientific evidence of the Health Benefits of its Salt Caves

  • Changeland is the only company with such evidence.

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Representative hotel & resort projects

Frequently Asked Questions

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