The magazine ”Alternative” Tourism makes a tribute to Athens Changeland Salt Cave’s healing benefits.

Salt therapy in Athens, Barcelona, Nicosia, Split and many other European capitals? Certainly! In combination with music therapy and color therapy.. Follow our steps to learn more…

Did you know that there is an oasis of relaxation full of salt? You could hardly believe what I mean until you experience it yourself! Dr Vasilis Masoulas undertakes the installation of rejuvenating Changeland salt caves which have all those qualities that can rejuvenate you and make you feel a different person in 45 minutes… You just take off only your shoes and relax…. So simple!

Crossing the step door of rejuvenation “Changeland Salt cave” of Changeland Ltd…

Friday afternoon, having accumulated fatigue throughout the week, I’ going to a Changeland salt cave. A sign leads me to the cave: I open the glass door and the girl at the reception, Marilena welcomes me with a warm smile. Through our conversation I realize that not only I will enjoy the experience of my first session in the salt cave but I’ll also have a private session! Lucky me!!!

I took with me a pair of clean socks, I take off my shoes and put them into the lockers along with my personal items and my cell phone. Anything that can distract me from the peace has no place in the relaxation cave.

The door opens and I am ready to enjoy 45 minutes of triple therapy in an incredibly relaxing place: salt therapy in combination with color therapy and music therapy. Heated floor covered with a mixture of rock salt from 3 different Polish mines and sea salt from the Dead Sea. By increasing temperature above 18o   C salt emits ions that enrich the air of the cave.

I look around me and see the walls of the cave that are completely covered with 20 tons of mineral rock salt, collected from great depths where it has remained unspoiled by human activities for over 250 million years, when the planet was still a virgin ecosystem.

Learning that the interior of Changeland salt cave is designed to re-create the temperature and beneficial microclimate that someone finds at the salt mines and sanatoriums in Wieliczka and Bochnia in Poland, more than 350 meters below the surface. Its uniqueness is based on the following simple fact: the air is enriched with trace elements and ions which are absorbed through respiration causing the human body to relax, revitalize and balance.

This is because the atmosphere is enriched with beneficial ions and microelements, circulating inside the cave. Also in the Changeland salt cave there are no bacteria or other harmful microorganism because all this salt kills them in a natural way.

According to many surveys and studies of the microclimate a salt cave has beneficial value, also for pregnant women and in cases of respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases and many others.

The atmosphere is mystical and after 5 minutes the lights are lowered, while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of relaxing music that has been created by experts: apparently everything in this space is ecological and carefully designed and implemented by experts. Choose the comfortable zero gravity chaise longue that inspires you better, cover yourself with a soft blanket, lie back and enjoy this unique experience. At least I did! I sat next to the waterfall and at the sound of the running water I started to fall asleep peacefully until I couldn’t resist … yes I  admit it, I closed my eyes and was transferred to my paradise!

This was what Dr Vasilis Masoulas experienced many years ago, when he first visited a similar cave. “My wife is from Poland and I previously worked for many years in multinationals. It was Christmas and after I had spent a period of stress and fatigue on the job, we had arranged to visit my parents in-law. Because I had 4 days to sleep, my father-in-law took me to a similar cave in Poland, where I sat in a chair and fall asleep. I woke up after 30 minutes and I felt incredibly comfortable, as if I had 10 days holiday …”. This was his first acquaintance with the Salt caves and their healing properties destined to play a key role in his life. He decided to study in depth salt therapy, designed the Changeland salt cave and undertook the mission to “Put Salt in Everybody’s Life”! This is what Changeland is doing today: is the number one company in Europe Middle East and Africa, offering different models of ISO certified Changeland salt caves, salt saunas for Hotels, Sport centers, malls, office buildings, etc., as well as the Franchise Changeland, having received international recognitions and awards.

Along with the salt therapy and music therapy we also experience color therapy! Inside the salt cave are two different kinds of lighting: the special LEDs in the roof to create beautiful colors and the other by salt crystal lamps on the walls and at the floor of the cave, attract my gaze and relax me even more.

Inside this environment, every negative thought, concept and stress gets away from my mind which creates positive thoughts and feelings. Without knowing how much time slipped away, music and lights eventually grew stronger indicating the end of my session. Coming out of the cave, a smile formed on my face and think to myself “Now I understand why they say that 45 minutes in Changeland salt cave equals 4 days at the clean sea breeze …”

Just before going back to the reality of the city, I learned that I can install a cave even in my house but in smaller dimensions and I got excited! At the moment I really loved the decorative gifts, mosaics and sculptures from salt which can be obtained also here: they serve 2 purposes: both decorative and therapeutic. I feel that I have ‘seized’ my day with so many discoveries and ideas just in one afternoon!

Salt therapy

The salt therapy is a very old method of a rejuvenation of body and spirit. In the early 20th century noted that those who had been working in salt mines had reduced respiratory problems and so began creating rehabilitation clinics near the old salt mines in Wieliczka and as Bochnia Poland. There, the patients who had respiratory and dermatological problems they were having 15-20 minutes of relaxation with positive effects on their health.

Nowadays salt therapy is widespread in many countries of Europe and the USA. The most famous method of salt therapy is staying in salt caves shaped like “Changeland”.

The technology which is used in the salt cave “Changeland” is tested for many years and uses both mineral and sea salt for regeneration and relaxation in humans.

What else can you do in the salt cave?

• Massage, yoga, tai-chi

• To attend music concerts organized for a limited number of people

• Corporate meeting and seminars

• Business meetings with clients

• Children’s parties and creative activities for children

• A special honeymoon photo shooting

Written by Rania Margari