Benefici e la qualita

The diferrent types of mineral salts we use come from selected Polish salt mines. They are free from any environmental charges; have the highest mineral content of salt by 84 of the most nutritious microelements for humans.

When extracted from 400 m – 800 m, the crystals formed by specialized sculptors using ancient techniques and skills passed from father to son to produce works of outstanding natural beauty such as lamps, sculptures, lighting, decorative paintings, etc. Each of these items are unique because of its color and shape. It does not wear out and is perfectly safe to use.


Works like a natural ioniser releasing salt ions and trace elements in the atmosphere, counteracting and neutralizing the accumulation of ions generated by modern materials and devices (f.ex. computer, TV, air conditioners) and smoking. We provide a natural protective shield, it improves your health and well being demonstrably helps a variety of health issues, mental and physical fitness, asthma and allergic conditions.


In Changeland use only natural ingredients (salt, pine tar and wood) of excellent Quality.

We do NOT use salt from Himalayas because it does NOT meet our quality standards: it “sweats” and melts through time due to the fact that it lacks iron. This salt is extracted from the bulk of the mountain (not the depth of the earth). Becasue of the cold the iron has shrank and eventually is precipitated.

We do not use sea salt due to contamination of the seas.