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  • Salt Cave | invest on health & prevention, increase your net profit

How can Changeland contribute to your success?

Certified products Changeland will:

  • reduce your operational costs (your customers will recover faster from illnesses, get sick less and visit you more often)
  • increase revenue and profit (become a medical SPA)
  • provide differentiation from competition and able to offer innovative, natural healthy & prevention services
  • become a landmark and even a tourist attraction within your City.

Changeland salt caves, rooms, saunas and decoration items offer a unique opportunity to run a simple but very rewarding business unit inside your SPA – rewarding physically, mentally and financially!

  • with low cost of installation, zero cost of operation and maintenance, zero loyalties, and a surprising return on investment!
  • no complicated approvals or licenses required, we offer a simple turnkey & all inclusive solution to get you started in less than 5 weeks.
  • a room conversion becomes a remedial Salt Cave for your business, staff and clients, that can also be a profit centre!
  • a refreshing and rejuvenating environment for your customers as well as for all members of your team – keeping your staff healthy, focused and creative!

Changeland Wellness & Relaxation Solutions:

Virtual Tour – Visit the Changeland Salt Cave inside a SPA Clinic.


Enjoy the micro-climate with the great value. A first visit is enough, in order for you to discover the relaxing and beneficial properties of the rejuvenating Changeland Salt Caves. Researches and studies have proven the beneficial value of the micro-climate of Changeland Salt Caves.

Scientific evidence of the Health Benefits of its Salt Caves

Changeland is the only company with such evidence.

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Changeland Salt Sauna


Changeland Salt Decoration

Our Salt Mosaics and Salt Sculptures are beautiful, unique, offer salt therapy and absorb more than 95% of the hazardous electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, mobile phones, TV (click to read the scientific reports).

Ιαματικοί Πίνακες | Μωσαϊκά
Ιαματικοί Πίνακες | Μωσαϊκά

Healing Benefits.

Changeland Salt Products offer proven relief from:

  • Health Prevention
  • Anti Aging
  • Respiratory problems, Neurological & Dermatological problems, Cardiac system
  • Stress, insomnia, allergies
  • Hypothyroidism, Gastric system
  • Prevention of viral infections, musculoskeletal problems
  • Metabolism disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, pains

For Athletes & Active people

  • increase respiratory capacity
  • improve flexibility
  • strengthening of the immune system (natural shield against the flue)
  • faster recovery after workout & from injuries

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Who visits the Salt Caves?

  • People of ALL ages
  • Tourists, Athletes
  • Children, Elderly
  • Companies

Scientific evidence of the Health Benefits of its Salt Caves

  • Changeland is the only company with such evidence.

Click here to see detailed information and scientific & medical reports

Representative hotel & resort projects

Frequently Asked Questions

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