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Changeland can decorate any room in your building with Salt Mosaics, Salt Sculptures and Salt Lamps which are designed according to your taste, are beautiful and offer Health, Prevention, Anti Aging and protection from TV, WiFi, Mobiles, Computers, etc. Sleep, work, play, or relax in an environment which benefit yourself and your family, friends, collegues, workers, clients.

Scientific evidence of the Health Benefits of its Salt Caves

1. Scientific results prove that 45 minutes inside a Changeland Salt Cave is equal to several days at the Sea with multiple health benefits.

1.a. Stefanos Andreou (Chemist, M.Sc.), Technical report, 28.12.2012:   “Measurements of the air inside Changeland Salt Cave were compared with similar measurements of the sea air. The air inside the Changeland Salt Caves is 76 times richer in Na and Salt (NaCl) and contains  K and Mg (not present in sea air).”


2. Changeland Salt Caves & Salt materials, Salt Rooms, Salt Mosaics and Salt Decoration should be used in Residential & Commercial Buildings so that people can benefit from their multiple health attributes.

2.a.. Eng. Ippokrates Poimenides, Technical report, 16.12.2009: Changeland Salt Caves absorb > 95% of the negative electromagnetic radiation found inside houses & office buildings (e.g. TV screens, computers, mobile & wireless phones, Wi Fi.).


2.b. Eng. Nicolaos Papanikolaou,  Technical report, 24.08.2011:

  • “Coating salt rock on a wooden board could be used to reduce the electromagnetic charge in a building or room that is close to strong sources of electromagnetic radiation. Communication is not affected by such materials”.
  • The attenuation of electromagnetic radiation introduced from: Common Wall is 50%, Wood + Rock Salt is 95-98%, Glass + Plaster board + Rock Salt wall is 95-98%, Plaster board + Rock Salt 94%.”


​Changeland is the only company with such scientific proof.


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