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Changeland Group of Companies

  • Changeland SA., PO Box 70888, Voula 16673, Athens, Greece. Tel: +30 210 3222 208
  • Changeland AG., Dreikoenigstrasse 31A, 8002  Zurich, Switzerland, Tel: +41 (44) 20 83 727
  • Changeland Ltd., Est. P.O.Box 4513 Safat 13046 Kuwait. Tel: +965 22452 555

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Changeland is looking for Regional Developers

Regional Developers are key to the expansion of Changeland’s global network. A Regional Developer (“RD”) is granted the right to seek out franchise candidates and provide marketing and operational services to franchisees within a predefined geographical territory. This is in return for a percentage of the initial franchise fees and ongoing royalties. This program gives these individuals the opportunity to grow their businesses, while at the same time growing The Changeland brand.The RD’s duties include:

  • Recruiting new salt cave owners
  • Assisting owners with site selection
  • Assisting owners with the start-up process
  • Providing owners with on-going operational and marketing support.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Developer, please fill out the Personal Profile (attached below) form and our representatives will answer your questions about this exciting opportunity.


Candidate Developer Personal Profile form