Il sale utilizzato per la costruzione della grotta

The components of the salt varies depending on its origin. In Salt cave Changeland a combination of three different kinds of salt is used:

  • Mineral salt from Kłodawa (Poland): from Polish salt mines at a depth of 750m.
  • Sea Salt: from the Dead Sea, where the rate of salt content reaches 24%.

We do not use Himalayan salt. It comes from the bulk of the mountain (not the depth of the earth). The Himalayan salt, is suitable for human consumption but it is of lower quality, ‘sweats’ and melts.

On the floor of the cave is used Polish and Dead sea salt. On the walls and roof is used  solely rock salt (no use of plaster or other materials that can become potential nests for bacteria and hazardous microorganisms).

The above allows the ingredients to guarantee the creation of a healthy microclimate inside Changeland.

The rock salt harvested from depths where it has remained unspoiled by human activities for more than 250 million years. It used to be sea in a time when the planet was a clean ecosystem. It is used in its natural form, without any further processing. It contains 84 trace elements. Its high crystalline structure allows the cellular absorption of nutrients and restore alkaline balance and electrolytes in the human body.

The combination of rock salt and sea salt, enables the creation of adequate relaxing and rejuvenating properties within the cave where the air is enriched with essential nutrients for the body.