Services to Franchisees of Salt cave Changeland

  • Selecting the Right Location

    Selecting the right location & space for installing a Changeland Salt Cave is of key importance. The right location, among other things, depends on the target marketsand the services to be delivered inside the Saltcave.

    Based on Changeland’s extensive business and technical experience and in order to facilitate your effort, initially we will provide you with a generic checklist of Technical & Commercial Criteria to consider when looking for the ‘best’ location and room specification for your Chageland Salt Cave.

    It is understandable that meeting all of the criteria is an ideal situation which very rarely occurs. Therefore, once you identify the candidate locations, we will be available to converse with you further and support you in making the best possible choice technically and commercially, for You, your Customers and your Partners.

  • Business Services

    Business planning for Saltcave business. 

    • Target markets
    • Feasibility study
    • Investment planning
    • Business plan development
    • Alternatives for partneriships & collaboration
    • Calculation of Return on Investment (for different business scenarios)


    • customers satisfaction
    • maximization of cave utilization
    • sort term return on investment

  • Salt Cave Installation

    Selecting the right location for installing a Cchangeland Salt Cave  is of great significance. Changeland’s extensive experience will be available to you during this process. We will provide you Commertial and Technical criteria for evaluating candidate locations and advise you accordingly.

    Subsequently, once the location has been identified, we will follow a clear and well defined process for delivering to you our top quality Products and Services, ALWAYS On Time and Within Budget.

  • Management

    I. Standard business management services.

    • Staff selection
    • Staff training in all processes (operational & business)
    • Manual of operation (standard processes for managing the saltcave business, customer service, etc.
    • Internet site & reservation management
    • The right to use Changeland logos
    • All the advertizing material in electronic format ready to be printed (brochures, posters, business cards, vouchers, etc. with your location data).
    • Annual certification process of sound implementation of operational processes of the Salt Cave

    II. Optional services.

    • Customer Service, Technical support
    • Photographs of the interior of the saltcave taken from specialist Company photographer
    • Marketing& ΤeleMarketing
    • Sales & Tele Sales
    •  Salt products
    • Public relations
    • Partnerships with specialists (Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Psychologists, Tai Chi, etc.) including selection, standard contract singing and training from our specialists.
    • Customer & Partner Experience Management
    • IT & Web support
    • Mystery shopper & reporting
    • Changeland network activities (advertizing, marketing, telesales)
    • Information system including e-shop and e-reservations system
    • Ad Hoc decoration of the saltcave
    • Color Therapy system
    • Cascade of increased ion production
    • Specialized antibacterial filter (installed on the air conditioning system; recommended for areas with high air pollution)
    • Standard Sales & Marketing processes (include e-shop, tele-sales, tele marketing, corporate sales & marketing)
    • Advisor services on legal, accounting, insurance
    • ISO certification (6 months after initiation of operation company must be ISO certified by local body)

    III. Financial support programs (EU)

    Our financial advisors provide guidance for receiving support from various financial programs focusing to:

    • Newly established companies
    • Existing companies
    • Tourism companies

  • Training

    The Changeland training program takes place both during the assembly of the Changeland Salt Cave and when the Cave is ready.

    During Salt cave installation:

    1. Hold introduction meeting with owners’ team
    2. Print / translation of the booklets/manuals (if necessary) and delivery to the team for them to review/study
    3. Meeting with Web Designer in order to plan Market & Competition research,  translating of the website (if necessary) and identification of Domain Name and link with
    4. Meeting with decorator: Plan the external decoration of the shop (alternative evaluation plan, slideshow-Banner). Plan the internal decoration of the reception area.
    5. Print advertising boards and shop’s signage – assessment (for example horizontal or vertical plate, lighting, combination with photos)
    6. Meeting with photographer, explanation of required shooting and types of lenses to be used
    7. Meeting with graphic designer for printing publications (translate existing if necessary), cards, vouchers, time cards, contracts, forms to enter the cave.
    8. Theoretical training in procedures (operational and management manuals) for owner and his/her team
    9. Media and Communication training : what we say/not say on camera, how we say it on camera, translating the video (if necessary) and analysis of each presentation
    10. Presentation and live description of procedures for various services

    When the Salt Cave is ready:

    1. Practice scenarios and role playing for different salt cave services.
    2. Salt cave Marketing
    3. Telemarketing procedures (internet resellers / advertising, Newsletter, campaigns)
    4. Salt cave Personeel dress code (colors: blue = security, green = health)
    5. Description of Roles, Responsibilities, Tasks
    6. Photo shootig of the salt cave