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After their sessions all Salt cave Changeland Customers evaluate our services. Specifically they (a) tell us about their experience and any positive influence on their health and wellness status; (b) advise us in case they believe we can further improve our services. In the testimonials presented below is made evident how the micro climate inside a Changeland Salt cave can improve different health problems (breathing problems, stomach ulcer, colitis, toothache, thyroid, arthritis, sinusitis, bronchitis, diseases of the immune system, allergies, asthma,  sleeping problems, snoring, wrinkle elimination, weight loss, anti-aging, etc.). We regularly update this section with new feedback we receive.

Before entering the Salt cave I felt tired with a terrible toothache. When my session ended and left from the Salt cave I felt relaxed and I was happy to notice that my toothache had stopped. The combination of halo therapy with music therapy and Photo-therapy in the Salt cave also helped with my stomach ulcer. I lost 6 kilos within 5 weeks, I used the 15-sessions program. I have not stopped visiting the salt cave since I first discovered it. It benefits my health in several ways and relaxes me as well.”

Antonis K.

The reason I started the sessions in Athens Salt cave was my respiratory problems and to avoid the flue. I was feeling dizzy and coming down with a flue. At the end of my 3rd session I discovered that my headache was gone and I could breathe better. The symptoms of the flue had vanished.”

Paraskevi P.

I had allergic symptoms that affected my nose and breathing. During my first session I realized that frequent sessions will help the improvement of my respiratory problems and that is mainly because of the clean and unpolluted environment inside the cave. I visit the cave regularly and fill much better.”

Athina M.

The definition of the meaning of Salt cave is ‘indulging yourself in a sea aura at the center of a big and stressful city’. Athens Saltcave means relaxation and rejuvenation in a city that makes us speed towards anxiety & stress. During my visit at the Salt cave I realized that after a 45 minutes therapy I started breathing better and was much more relaxed. I suffer from chronic bronchitis which gets worse during Spring from my allergies. I could not believe that 45 minutes inside the cave could actually improve my breathing problem at such level.”

Foteini D.

Before my 1st visit to the Athens Salt cave I suffered from sinusitis. Although the doctor prescribed antibiotics, the use of them had no positive effect. During my 1st session my nose cleaned and since then I feel fine. I obviously started using it often. I feel more relaxed and with less wrinkles on my face! Even the blisters I get on my feet from using new shoes disappear faster.”

Alexandra Z.

I used to suffer from stenosis in my neck and after the salt cave systemic rebirth, stenosis was healed. I took part only in 2 systemic sessions inside the Salt cave and the stenosis was gone.”

Theodora P.

I lost 11 kilos within 8 months period using the Salt cave 3 times per week. I sleep better; I do not snore anymore; my friends say I look younger; I am much more productive at work and patient with my wife and children.”

Basilis M.

I suffer from spinal arthritis and stress. After my 1st therapy I felt relieved. I did not feel pain at the extend I felt before and I was very much relaxed.”

Athanasios S.

After 6 treatments my son Peter (8y/o) already did not have any Asthmatic symptoms. Halo therapy at the Saltcave was taken in combination with Inhalation (Ventolin + Pulmicort) 3 times a day. The medical doctor prescribed the drugs for 2 weeks, but we stopped it after 1 week, because after visiting the Saltcave his lungs became clean.”

Mila F.

I suffered from Gilbert disease and thyroid, these diseases are opposite to each other. During 2007 doctors could not stabilize my thyroid. Our family life with my husband was very stressful. Furthermore, doctors forbade pregnancy because the luck of stabilized thyroid would result to a miscarriage. Visiting the salt cave 2-3 times every week, I stabilized my thyroid without using any medicine. After that, I got pregnant and continued my therapies at the salt cave. 9 months later I gave birth to our little boy, we are all healthy and happy!”

Agni M.

We have noticed that after the 8th treatment Justina’s (7y/o) medical conditions improved and she was able to perform lots of sport activities (basketball, soccer, and running) without using her puffers. Halo therapy had definitely helped to improve my daughter’s health.”

Ruta M.

For the last few years I have been suffering from the sinusitis. After the treatments of Halo therapy the symptoms were relieved and there was nothing coming out of my nose anymore. By the way, after the relaxing treatments of Halotherapy I started to feel much healthier.”

Vadim K.

I used to be able to breathe properly only if I used Ventolin (4x day) and Flovent (2x day)
But I stopped the puffers in the day of the first treatment and after 8 treatments I didn’t need them anymore and could breathe properly.Now I don’t feel any shortness of breath or any dizziness as I used to have before. I have got back my energy and I feel healthy.”

Cristina R

We had a corporate meeting at the Salt cave. It was the 1st time a meeting was so fruitful and giving a strong feeling of fellowship. The positive effects of the Salt cave microclimate were clearly evident on the outcome of the meeting.”

Elena P.

I have attended a lot of corporate meetings but this meeting inside the Athens salt cave was the 1

st one that, although it lasted 5 ½ hours, I did not feel the need of having a break, or smoking. The same applied to all my smoker colleagues. The team worked in a very participatory, constructive and productive way, very relaxed and focused. The results were great. It was surprising, that despite the hard work, we kept on working and suggesting ideas as if it had not passed half an hour since the beginning of it.”

Aggeliki A.

It will relax me every time I visit it. I forget everything, I feel like escaping my everyday rutine. It helps me avoid stress and anxiety.”


I relaxed. It felt like massaging my brain!”


I escaped from everyday stress. I especially enjoyed the gradual change of the environment and relaxation!”


Corporate Customers have used the Salt Cave for their meetings and seminars. The objectives and subjects of their meetings vary. The feedback was very positive. Photographs and feedback is attached below.


Sales meeting. Participants: Sales team (17 team members). Duration: 5 hours (Relaxation session 60 minutes, business meeting 5 hours: 2010 review, 2011 planning, brain storming). Facilitation: LG Sale Director.

changeland logo salt

Company meeting. 3 year review. Employees and partners (24 people). Duration 2 hours. Facilitation: Iouliana Rondou.


ΟSΕ (Greek Railways). Corporate Directors re-organization strategy and customer experience management  meeting. Participants: Top Management (7 corporate directors). Duration: 3,5 hours (Relaxation session 30 minutes, Brain storming business meeting 3 hours). Facilitation: Dr. B. Masoulas.


Sales & marketing strategy meeting. Participants: Sales & Marketing team (11 team members). Duration: 5,5 hours (Relaxation session 40 minutes, Brain storming business meeting 5 hours). Facilitation: L’Oreal.


Company seminar on stress management. Participants: sales team (12). Duration: 1,5 hours (Relaxation session 30 minutes, relaxation seminar 1 hour).


Company meeting. Participants: 4. Duration: 2 hours.


4 seminars on Personal growth. Participants: 50. Duration: 4 hours.


Stress management seminar. Participants: 12 teachers. Duration: 3 hours.

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Systemic re-birth seminars (10) for Individuals, Families and for different professional groups (Actors, Journalists, Doctors) and for Families. Participants: 12/seminar. Duration: 5-8 hours / seminar.

Kay Proudfoot

Seminar on stress management. Participants: (12). Duration: 1 hour (Relaxation seminar 1 hour).


Music & Movement Seminar. Participants: teachers (12). Duration: 2 hours.